3 Critical Reasons Your Inbound Marketing is Failing

Does any of this sound familiar? 

-You have a website but you can't figure out why you're not getting leads

-You're blogging but you still can't get any leads

-You created an ebook or white paper but nobody is downloading it

-You're sending emails, but nobody opens them or engages in any way

-You're doing all of things people say you should do (email, blogging, etc.) and still you can't get it to work and generate enough leads

I'm frustrated because I see this every day, 100% of businesses I work with fail to generate enough leads with inbound marketing. Over last 5 years, I've done hundreds of free and paid consultations, I've seen and heard it all.

In May, I got 2 similar prospects, completely different industries but their situation was identical: 2 years with HubSpot and they laughed when I asked if they got ROI out of what they've done and spent. I almost dropped my phone when I heard it.

This is not uncommon. I work with clients like this every month, but these 2 came to me around the same time with the same situation but the root of the problem was different.

If you're doing inbound marketing and failing, there are only 3 reasons why. If you're not doing any inbound marketing, that's a different problem all together.

1. You don't know your ideal customers

If your content isn't sticking and generating leads for you, you don't know who your ideal customers are. You simply don't know enough to make informed decisions on what content to create.


Here's an analogy you'll understand. If you're trying to catch a shark, you can't use bread on a hook to bait it. You need a juicy, bloody piece of meat. And since you don't know your ideal customers thoroughly enough, you're trying to use random content and hope something will stick and get you leads. HOPE IS NOT A STRATEGY.

2. You don't know your value proposition

You don't. You think you know what it is, but when I ask clients about their value proposition I usually hear:


-A tagline or slogan

-A business description

-A mission/vision statement

-A business model overview

-"Value what?"

Value proposition answers a very specific question in your customer's mind:

If I'm your ideal customer, why should I buy from you and not your competitor? 

Your value proposition must deliver your "only factor", the exclusive thing that you and ONLY you can offer them to differentiate your business from the competitor. You need to be able to communicate your competitive advantage quickly and clearly, so you can rise above the noise.

3. You don't have a tangible inbound marketing strategy in place

When I say tangible, I really mean you can touch it. If I asked you for your strategy, you should find the file and hit Print so we can hold it. That's a tangible strategy, having it in your head doesn't count. I don't read minds, nobody reads minds.


In many cases people are afraid to have a strategy, because then their efforts are measurable and they're afraid to fail, to not achieve goals set in a strategy. So it's easier to say, "Let me just write a blog post a week and see what happens," It feels good being busy, doesn't it? WRONG. You're lying to yourself, your employees, co-workers, everyone. Spinning wheels doesn't get you anywhere, it just wastes time and energy. 

Inbound marketing strategy provides clarity, and clarity drives action. 

If you don't have an inbound marketing strategy, let me show you my strategy framework and walk you through step-by-step in a webinar next Wednesday (June 24). I'm including a PDF workbook for all webinar participants to help you create your minimum viable strategy. Get webinar details and save your seat now by clicking HERE.

About Author :

Viktor Nagornyy : Inbound Marketing Strategist/Consultant | Marketing Automation | Lead Generation | Small Business Marketing

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