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We wan't to serve our Bameslog community  with best user experience where everyone can just focus on Sharing knowledge and we can focus on building simple and efficient service for everyone. Our Help Guide will get you through all the doubts , Basics and troubleshooting on Bameslog.     


What is Bameslog ?

Bameslog is Social Publishing Platform where you can share your thoughts , crazy ideas with everyone !  To know more what problem's we're solving for everyone , go through Beta product details https://www.bameslog.com/post/beta

Does Bameslog Charge for service or show advertisement?

No our service is free for everyone and always will be and there will be no  Advertisement on our site. 

How Does Bameslog Makes money and how publishers are benefited form it ?

Presently  Bameslog Doesn't make any money from content published. but   In future we will Use  Our own "Promoted content Service (PCS)" to support Bameslog growth and Infrastructure .   PCS will never track your , Personal Information, Behaviour , IP addresses or use third-party data  but still PCS will able to suggest you relevant and interesting content within Bameslog ecosystem  and Publishers will get 90% revenue for every view .

Why my post was removed or edited?

Probably your post dint't meet our quality Requirements or it violates Bameslog Terms of services     https://www.bameslog.com/terms

Basic !

How to Publish content on Bameslog .

You need to be registered member to publish on Bameslog.  After Successful registration. All you have to Click on Publish Button(Pen) to start creating content.  Make sure you Correctly picked the Audience Insert ( About )  and Post Thumbnail.  

Important Note :  You can't just Copy paste the content from Internet and publish on Bameslog .Make sure Whatever you're posting on Bameslog is original and you have legal right to use particular content.

As our Bameslog Grows we will keep updating Help Guide .  If you think above guide didn't helped you , write us via email : [email protected] .